Red Egg

For the Fall of 2019, Red Egg hosted Mill Collective for a gallery exhibition, running for six months, in the Historic Residence in downtown High Point serving as the Red Egg showroom for over 15 years. Red Egg, itself, has been a member of the Mill Collective since its conception in 2017.

Participating designers include:

Matt Booty — Enkle Design

Adam Davis — Adam Davis Furniture

Carter Ellis — Ellis Table Company

Felicia Francine & Benjamin David — Ookloop Studio

Carol Gregg — red egg

Jeremy Kamiya — Kamiya Furniture

Daniel Lefkowitz — 9 & 19

David Bohnhoff — Bohnhoff Furniture

Mark Lin — Wigu Studios

Phillip Mitchell — Stillwater Woodworks

Mark Plakotoris — Designed with Purpose

Jeremy Pyles — Niche Modern

Daniel Rickey — Daniel Rickey Furniture

Chase Ryan — Chase Ryan Furniture

Jill Seale — Jill Seale Design Studio

KC Spivey — Radvalley Designs

Jomo Tariku — Jomo Furniture

Chris McKay — Venture Shuffleboard

Wise Living 

Carol Gregg  with Red Egg & Mill Collective signs