A mindful marketplace for the mindful lifestyle

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Who we are —

We are more than just another e-commerce furniture source.

Mill Collective is a movement, a commitment to the timeless craft of creating objects for the home that endure beyond trends. Here, we think in generations, not only in years.

From a core group of 20 collaborators gathered for our first show in North Carolina in 2017, we have grown to a platform of more than 70 highly qualified Makers and small batch studios from across 16 states united by the same mission: to simplify the sourcing and procurement process for interior designers searching for authentic home furnishings, while offering independent Makers a streamlined platform to market and promote their work to a larger audience.

We’re proud to connect curious, conscious interior design professionals with a community of America’s finest Makers in one central marketplace — mindful products for the mindful lifestyle.

Together, we’re shaping the future of American design one product at a time. 

Our Story —

Mill Collective began as a community of like-minded Makers promoting their independent studios under a single banner at the 2017 High Point Market in North Carolina. Encouraged by the response from interior designers, excited to discover and source unique designs and artisan quality for their projects, Mill Collective recognized a need to expand the awareness of the maker and furniture-as-art movements.

A series of talks, workshops, and seminars soon followed to highlight the challenges around design, small-scale production, and customization independent studios often encounter in the face of larger corporate furnishings brands.

Media coverage by esteemed outlets like Architectural Digest, Interior Design Magazine, Domino, and Dezeen quickly established Mill Collective as a thought leader in the home furnishings industry. Special exhibits highlighting the furniture-as-art movement were organized to further inform furniture buyers and introduce emerging Makers to a growing trade audience eager for more.

Notable exhibitions and programming included “This is Not a Chair”, “Beyond the Mask”, and “Terra Incognita”. Learn more about these events on our Past Events page.

Mill Collective continues to expand its offerings to interior designers looking to easily source and procure distinct, customizable products from America’s best Makers via a new digital platform offering e-commerce, product information management (PIM), and digital archives. 

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Our Values

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Quality Craftmanship

There is no compromise. We do not work with mass-produced product. All of our products are made by humans and with their very talented hands. Every piece is individually born and crafted into a healthy piece you will be proud of and will live for generations.

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The Planet

Mill Collective only works with Makers who are respectful of the planet in their choice of materials, the way they make their products and how they handle their waste. We believe our products should not only be well made and beautiful, but should also not be a health risk in your home.

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Made in the USA

Our products are designed and made in the USA. Mill Collective strongly supports the return of craft and furnishings production by artisans and small studios to the USA.

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No copies! All of the designs from our Makers are of their own creation, or under the license of the original designer. We will always be transparent about who designed a product and who actually made it. In almost all cases, it is the same person.

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Diversity & Community

Various perspectives and cultural backgrounds make our community stronger and relevant. While all of our Makers live in the USA, many come from families that started somewhere else and we are proud that we are nearly evenly divided between women and men owned studios. We also believe people should be treated fairly and properly paid for their contribution.