Chris McKay

Venture Games is a second-generation, family-owned company manufacturing billiards, shuffleboards, ping pong, foosball, and other bespoke game tables. Made of all hardwoods with hand-rubbed stains and wipe clean lacquer finishes. Their goal is to build heirloom quality game tables that bring people of all ages together; young and young at heart.


Venture has seen great growth in both residential and commercial projects in the past few years with the focus on the highest quality product and exceptional customer experience. They treat their customers and community with respect and provide honest answers and transparent business practices.



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David Bohnhoff

David Bohnhoff’s work draws from his experience in cabinet and boat-building shops. Constantly drawn by to bent wood, sawn curves and circles, David designs and builds custom furniture with a Danish modern style while incorporating nautical elements. From the sweeping curves of a chair to the simple clean lines of a cabinet, David’s work is noticed for its character and functionality.

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Carter Ellis

Ellis Table’s Founder, Carter Ellis, comes from a background in hospitality and community development and built his first table to host friends and neighbors, desiring a place where all might experience welcome. While they now build more than just tables, the theme of that first piece is at the heart of the company.


Ellis Table strives to make all of their pieces in a way that encourages community; from the way their shop is a home for collaboration with other makers and artisans to their focus on furniture that inspires and facilitates life together. Carter’s style is influenced by Shaker, Scandinavian, and Japanese design with a focus on their clean lines, strong and traditional joinery, and a simplicity of form that highlights skilled craftsmanship.



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Phillip Mitchell

Stillwater Woodworks specializes in high-end furniture commissions, interior woodworking projects, custom remodeling centered around woodworking/finish carpentry, custom art framing, and small-scale timber frame projects. They value the design process, planning, organization, efficiency, quality materials, traditional joinery, and the beauty in the simple and natural properties of wood.



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Mark Lin

Wigu Studios founder Mark Lin is a Florida-based interactive visual artist who seeks to make immersive stories a reality. His designs aim to create a conversation by presenting two mutually exclusive themes as one collaborative piece. He repurposes familiar artifacts rich with history to stoke imagination and wonder.

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Carol Gregg

Founded in 1997 by Carol Gregg, red egg began as a true one-of-a-kind vintage and antique business that quickly evolved into an accent-furniture and accessory company with products bench made exclusively in Asia and the USA. red egg is known for being one of the first accent furniture companies to take classic Asian furniture and lacquer it with bold, fun colors.


While sourcing and manufacturing their cane collections; Indochine, Modern Maru, and Jarrett Bay, in the Philippines, their wood product; Double Happiness, Shanghai Loft, and chang’e lamp collections are manufactured in the USA. red egg’s design philosophy centers on creating Asian inspired pieces with an East meets West lifestyle sensibility.

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Matt Booty

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Enkle Designs specializes in the design and construction of handmade furniture and home accessories. All pieces are inspired by the beautiful simplicity of Scandinavian design from both the mid-century and modern eras.


Constructing all designs by hand, Enkle Designs skilled master craftsmen use traditional and modern techniques to produce top quality pieces. Using sustainable hardwoods and plant based non-VOC finishes, Enkle Designs creates custom pieces that best serve their clients’ needs.


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Alison Uljee Zavracky

New York based home product designer and artist Alison Uljee Zavracky (AUZ) creates distinctive, refined architectural hardware for the modern home. With an awareness for detail, she creates products that transform personal spaces into inviting, beautiful, and comfortable sanctuaries that allow us to re-center and re-charge. With experience working for Vincente Wolf Associates, a prominent New York City interior design firm and John Boone Inc., a high-end furniture design showroom, she continues to prioritize detail in her design aesthetic.

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Danny Rosa

Beech Boy Furniture is a full-service design/fabrication studio based in Chicago. Danny Rosa is an artist and a master craftsman available by commission for custom pieces.

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Jeff Barbour

The Jeffrey Barbour Studio is a creation of Metal and Wood Artisan Jeffrey Barbour who began his creative exploration in 1993 after a brief course of study in metallurgy and fabrication techniques at UC San Diego. With a deep desire to bridge form, function and beauty together for the domestic and commercial arena, the studio offers full design and fabrication of unique furniture, fixtures and elements for all environments.


With the goal of offering a design inspired by the materials, proper form and balance with a respect for craftsmanship and the integrity of the raw materials, each piece is made by hand using old world tools and techniques blended with a sophisticated, modern aesthetic.

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Stewart Lang

Stewart Lang Furniture is a design studio that investigates the connection between the products we purchase and how and where they are made. In a fast paced world where things that could - should - be treasured are often mass-produced with very little care gone into their production, Stewart Lang designs and builds each piece with his own hands. His designs often mix between clean lines and the fluid motion found in nature with a focus on simple minimalism above all else. By pushing the boundaries with both design and the structural aspects of wood, he aims for his pieces to sit seamlessly in the home and command attention through detail.

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Victoria Young

Victoria Young is an artist, designer, and maker originally from Toronto, Canada. From a young age, she had a love for the arts, especially the way it could profoundly impact people. She earned her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she learned woodworking, metalworking, and glassblowing. These skills turned her focus to the importance of materials and craftsmanship in her work. In the Tightrope workshop, Victoria ensures sustainability with materials and practices and attention to detail for all products. She loves working on custom furniture pieces and discussing the possibilities in woodworking.


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Valerie Louis

Yaël & Valérie is a design studio based in Haiti. They specialize in designing High-End Upholstery Fabrics, wallpaper, and Home Accessories in perfect harmony with art, elegance, nature, and African Cultural Heritage. Yaël & Valérie portray a world where prints are more than fabrics, but canvases of art, history, and deep connections. A world where prints are able to bring stories to life.




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Daniel Lefkowitz

9 & 19 is a small studio founded by designer and furniture maker Daniel Lefkowitz. At the center of his practice is a playful but elegant aesthetic an emphasis on detail and material. Every piece is handmade and perfectly imperfect. Daniel makes fine furniture for fun people.



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Jeremy Kamiya

Exploring the challenge of working with true solid-wood pieces without using metal fasteners is a technique that forces Jeremy Kamiya to contemplate the composition of every product he creates. Considering that pieces need to fit precisely to ensure structural integrity, Jeremy examines each piece from various perspectives to properly execute the final product.




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Daniel Rickey

Daniel Rickey has been making furniture in Richmond, VA since 2012. His goal is to design and build furniture that incorporates clean lines, is built to last, invites touch and is pleasing to be around. In addition to his one off originals, he designs and builds custom pieces for residences as well as corporate clients spanning up and down the east coast.

All of Daniel's furniture is made by hand using traditional and contemporary techniques. As he personally selects each piece of wood, always looking for ideal color and grain, he hand fits each joint to ensure lasting quality and durability.

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Mark Plakotoris

Designed with Purpose’s founder, Mark Plakotoris, has traveled the world to discover and innovate the craft of woodworking.  Mark has studied the craftsmanship that is required to make an acoustic guitar, learned the importance of strength and joinery with Japanese timber framing, and the precision and ergonomics necessary to create traditional Windsor rocking chairs. Mark’s diverse skill set allows him to work and design unconstrained by any one discipline. By combining techniques such as steam bending and joinery, Mark is able to create truly unique furniture and lighting pieces that will enhance any home.



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Jeremy Pyles

Established somewhat by accident in 2003 by Jeremy Pyles, Niche is a small company committed to bringing the most luxurious modern lighting to consumers, designers, and architects across the globe. For over a decade, Niche has established a signature collection of stunning modern lighting products that join together contrasting elements, simple lines, and gorgeous color.

Focusing on quality and precision, every product is handmade by a team of experienced and talented glass artisans and every detail is carefully thought out between a team of designers, glass artists, and technicians. With a belief in authentic and original design, Niche is proud to be carrying on the tradition of glass blowing within their local community.



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