Red Egg

For the Fall of 2019, Red Egg hosted Mill Collective for a gallery exhibition, running for six months, in the Historic Residence in downtown High Point serving as the Red Egg showroom for over 15 years. Red Egg, itself, has been a member of the Mill Collective since its conception in 2017.

Tour the showroom exhibition here

Participating designers include:

Matt Booty—Enkle Deign

Adam Davis—Adam Davis Furniture

Carter Ellis—Ellis Table 

Felicia Francine & Benjamin David—Ookloop Studio

Carol Gregg—red egg

Jeremy Kamiya—Kamiya Furniture

Daniel Lefkowitz—9 & 19

Mark Lin—Wigu Studio

Phillip Mitchell—Stillwater Woodworks

Mark Plakotorious—Designed with Purpose

Jeremy Pyles—Niche

Daniel Rickey—Daniel Rickey Furniture

Chase Ryan—Chase Ryan Furniture

Jill Seale—Jill Seale Design Studio

KC Spivey—Radvalley Designs

Jomo Tariku—Jomo Furniture

Venture Games

Wise Living