Plant Seven

Plant Seven, managed by Mill Collective’s business development team, was originally envisioned as a culture and innovation center supporting the furnishings industry. The center was to include events and conference areas, co-working spaces, cafes, materials library, media studios, 3D printing labs, and exhibition spaces. Mill Collective’s business development team launched and operated the project from April 2018 until May 2019.

Participation in Mill Collective & Plant Seven





Companies, Designers and Artists

First time exhibiting in High Point

Made in USA

Business owners under the age of 40

Participation by Country - 142 companies made in the USA and 18 companies from Americas, Africa, Caribbean, and Europe.

Participation by State -  41 companies from New York, 61 companies from North Carolina & 41 companies from the rest of US.

Photographed by Keith Isaacs

Mill Collective Showroom at Plant Seven

Photographed by Keith Isaacs